There May be a Will, But There’s Not Always a Way

I’m happy to say that I woke up with my appetite back this morning!  While my sleepy head boyfriend slept in, I jumped out of bed around 8 and brewed some coffee.

Pete and I are both coffee lovers, so we take pride in having a good cup of joe every morning.  We buy whole beans and ground them fresh each morning.  We also love cinnamon flavored coffee, but aren’t fans of having cinnamon floating around on top.  So, we put the cinnamon in with the grounds!  It makes the flavor much more subtle and infuses really well into the coffee.  Plus it smells amazing when it’s brewing!

My morning oatmeal contained:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • dash cinnamon
  • smashed banana
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • dash skim milk, added at the end
  • 1 tbsp almond butter

Considering the ridiculous amount of snow outside, I think the Christmas mug is appropriate.  Please ignore all the clutter in the background!

I had this really ambitious goal of going on a three mile run today.  I know that if we actually get the predicted 10-20 inches of snow tonight, it won’t be happening for a while.  I figured that since we live in a rather urban area, enough should be clear so that the run would be possible.  I waited until rush hour was over and bundled up and headed out sans ipod.  I wanted to be very alert, since I knew I’d have to run in the street at points.

After 16 minutes, I had finally made it one mile and realized I would have to give up.  All the sidewalks were either covered with a sheet of ice or three feet of snow (guess where they put the snow that the plows moved out of the street.  Yup).  Plus, traffic was ridiculous and it was unsafe to run in the streets.

Pete took my SUV to work, so driving to the gym (even if I wanted to) was out of the question.  I decided that I had a few options:

  1. Wait until Pete got home, and hope that he wanted to go to the gym, which he might not want to, especially if it starts snowing early.
  2. Take the metro to the gym, which was unreliable since it’s on a limited schedule.  It would probably be about an hour of travel time total.  Not really worth it to run on the treadmill for twenty minutes.
  3. Get in a cross-training workout at home.
  4. Skip it altogether.

After going over my options, I knew I wanted some exercise today and missing one run wasn’t going to kill my training.  So I went with option three!

I did the 30 minute Enviga Cardio Burn workout on  It wasn’t that intense, but it was pretty fun!  It was a good, basic dance aerobic workout and I really liked the instructor.

I followed that up with a workout with my girl!

I did Kim Kardashian’s Fit Into Your Jeans By Friday Amazing Abs workout.  The name was kind of misleading, since it was actually a core/upper body workout.  My arms were sore from yesterday, so I skimped on the upper body work and just did her core workout, which was pretty good, but nothing I hadn’t seen before.  Kim was, as always, adorable.  Judge me if you want.  I love her.  Plus, check out her sassy outfit!  I wish I looked that hot and not sweaty when I worked out!

After my workout and shower, I ate leftover Guiltless Chicken Parmesan from last night.  Whenever I make a time consuming recipe, I always make a few extra servings to save for leftovers.

Not as crispy as it was last night, but still yummy!

It still hasn’t started to snow yet.  Maybe we’ll luck out and it’ll skip us?  A girl can dream…

See you at dinner 😀


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