Say You’re a Cod Fish!

Maybe it was my return to running today, but I was a bottomless pit this afternoon!  Pete was out helping his mom and grandparents dig their cars out, and I started getting really hungry around 5.  I dug into some gouda cheese and turkey pepperoni.

While hanging out with Ellie.

When Pete got home around 6 he was pretty hungry, but I was still a little full from my snack.  I went ahead and cooked our dinner, which was basically a repeat from last night but with pan seared cod instead of chicken.  (By the way, am I the only person who thinks of Peter Pan when they eat cod?  “SAY YOU’RE A COD FISH!… I’m a cod fish…”

Plus some romaine with oil and vinegar.  No wine tonight since I actually have to go to work tomorrow for a change (granted, with a two hour delay!).

I wasn’t really feeling this fish tonight.  It kind of broke apart in the pan so it didn’t look that appetizing.  The sauce was really good, but I still only finished about half my fish.

Either because I ate so early or I was just unsatisfied, I was really craving dessert.  So, I dug into my hidden stash (hidden from my self, that is-out of sight, out of mind) of desserts and ate half a red velvet whoopie pie.

Really, really delicious!  These are from the Giant bakery but you’d swear they were homeade.  Yumm-o!

Calories In: 1,902 cal. Calories Burned: 283 cal.

A little steep today… I probably could have done with a smaller dessert.  Life’s too short to feel guilty, though, right?  Tomorrow is a new day.

Now to my girls in Orange County… Have a good night, loves.


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