Getting Back on Track

Before we left yesterday I made myself a snack plate of the last of the pita chips, turkey pepperoni, and fontina cheese.

Unfortunately, I didn’t practice moderation very well last night.  My eats went un-pictured.  I have no problem taking pictures of my food around Pete or even when we’re at a restaurant, but something felt strange about doing it at a wedding reception.  I know that eventually my shyness will ease, and I hope it does soon, because without being tied to a camera, I wasn’t very mindful of what was going into my mouth.  At the reception I was still on good behavior.  I think I drank about three glasses of white wine and a glass of champagne.  We started with a spicy cold crab soup, which Pete wasn’t too fond of but I enjoyed.  My entree was chicken breast with roasted potatoes and vegetables, which sounds healthy enough, minus all the butter it was doused in (but boy do I love butter…).

When we got to my aunt’s birthday party I let loose in the comfort of family.  I had a really good time seeing my parents and all of my cousins.  I don’t know how much wine I had… and I ate some random bites of things sitting around.  The food was delicious.  I ate a little too much cake… ok a lot too much cake.  And drank too much wine.  I woke up with a pretty bad headache this morning.

To soothe my hangover I had a big glass of water with the juice of one lemon and an ibuprofen, which did the trick.  To get back on track with todays breakfast I had scrambled eggs (one whole egg and two egg whites) mixed with onions, spinach, and mushrooms and topped with salsa, plus some Ezekial toast and half a grapefruit.

I’m off to have lunch with family in Maryland.  I’m going to do my best to get to the gym this afternoon so I can do my run (as unappealing as running five miles on the treadmill sounds, I have to get it done).  I’m making Valentines Day dinner for Pete tonight, so I need to do some grocery shopping, too.   Busy day ahead.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day with your loved ones!


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