Cell Phone Fail

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I drove over my own cell phone which had fallen under my car last night.  It’s keplewy.  I felt pretty dumb and angry that my poor blackberry is no more.  I decided to go to the gym to relieve some frustration.

Unfortunately, I forgot that every federal holiday the furniture store that shares a parking lot with my gym has a huge sale and the parking lot is a mess.  It was particularly bad today since half the parking spots are covered in snow.  After about fifteen minutes of canvassing the parking lot, I finally saw a spot opening up and was so excited… until some woman cut me off and stole it from me.  I got so upset and wanted to call Pete or my mom to vent… and then realized that I couldn’t because my phone is no more.  I was so frustrated I started to cry in the middle of the parking lot!  I realized that I really needed a break and just left.  I was overwhelmed with frustration and wasn’t going to get a good workout in.

I did make it to Giant to finish grocery shopping and then came home, starving, to eat lunch.

The last of the Spicy Sausage, Potato, and Kale Soup.  Thank you, soup.  You’ve fared me well.

And then, I proceeded to eat my feelings.

A little bit of brownie pudding with 1/2 cup of Stonyfield French Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.  Of course, when I finished eating this, my phone was still broken and I still hadn’t worked out.  I know that this dessert wasn’t even that bad since it was such a small portion.  Even so, I ate it because I was upset.  I wasn’t hungry and after an indulgent weekend I really wanted to be good today.  I shouldn’t have tried to solve my problems with food.

But this time, instead of being down on myself, I emailed a friend to talk about how I was feeling, and then made myself work out!  I turned on Exercise.tv and found Jackie Warner’s Total Body Circuit workout.  I really liked it!  It definitely worked my legs and abs like crazy.  I didn’t get the best upper body workout from it, though, since my heaviest hand weights are only 5 lbs and I normally work my arms with much heavier weights at the gym.  It still got my heart rate up and I think I burned off at least some of that pudding!

After my workout I downed a protein shake.

4 oz 1% milk, two scoops chocolate protein powder, 1 tbsp ground flax, and 1/2 a banana.  Build those muscles.

It felt really good to do something instead of just sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  However, it just started to snow again.  Ick.


3 responses to “Cell Phone Fail

  1. What is your fave kind of protein shakes? Have you noticed a difference since drinking them? (I’ve been considering trying to add them to my diet).

    • My favorite brand is Jay Robb (www.jayrobb.com), since it’s sugar free but still tastes really good. You can get it online or at whole foods. When I consistently remember to drink one within 30 minutes after my workouts, I do notice myself getting stronger quicker. Also, it helps curb hunger pangs post-workout. Give them a try. Plus, if you get a good mix, it tastes kind of like a milk shake but healthier!

  2. Nice post! I really like your posting.
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