V-Day Recap and a New Breakfast Treat

This post has to be quick.  I’ve lost my cell phone and am freaking out a little bit, so I’m about to head to the grocery store to see if I left it there last night, since that’s the last time I remember taking it out of my purse, and it’s not in the apartment or in my car :(.

Last night’s dinner went really well.  I had two glasses of this wine, made with blackberries.

The steak roll was kind of hard to cut, but I think it still turned out well.

Our plates.  And look at this deliciously gooey brownie pudding (thank you, Ina Garten).

My dessert plate, plus some Stonyfield french vanilla fro-yo.  SO rich, but so good.

Breakfast this morning was an Ellie Krieger recipe, Honey Harvest Quinoa. 1/3 cup quinoa, 2/3 cup water, 1/4 apple, 1 tbsp dried cranberries, ~1/2 tbsp honey, splash 1% milk, dash cinnamon, and topped with 2 tbsp toasted pecans and a small pat of butter.

Very good and healthy, but I think I still prefer my morning oats.  It was a nice change, though.

I’m out.  Hopefully I’ll return I’ll have my pretty pink blackberry back with me!

Edited to Add: So, I did find my cell phone… when I ran over it with my car in the parking lot.  What a way to start a day off…


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