Dinner at Coastal Flats

Hello!  Guess who’s getting a new Blackberry for free?!  Gotta love Verizon.

I started the day with a breakfast wrap that I had made last night to take on the train with me, before I realized I had a delay today.

That’s a La Tortilla Factory Low Carb High Fiber Wrap with 2 tbsp natural peanut butter, half a banana, one chopped date, and some cinnamon.

I actually didn’t photograph during the day today :(.  Bad blogger!  I had a boring training event at work today, and it would have been weird (well, weirder than usual) to take pictures.  For lunch I made Ellie Krieger’s Waldorf Chicken Wrap (recipe here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ellie-krieger/waldorf-chicken-wraps-recipe/index.html).  It was good, except I didn’t have any mayo.  It might have been better if I had that.  I also had an orange.  Around 2 I had a Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar.

My workout today started with running 3 miles on the treadmill in 30 minutes at 1% incline, followed by about ten minutes of abs and a good stretch (but maybe not good enough since I feel sore now).

When I got home I was starved so I shared the last of the turkey pepperoni with Pete.

After I got home from work when went to the Verizon store in Tysons, so we stayed for dinner at Coastal Flats, which is wonderful!

Best bread in town.  So soft and chewy!

This bread was nice, but not as good.  I ate it anyways…

To drink I started with the Coastal Cosmopolitan, made with pomegranate juice!

I had the Coastal Roasted Chicken Salad for dinner with some goat cheese on the side, along with a side of roasted mushrooms (because I love mushrooms!).  This salad was so good with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, roasted chicken strips, guacamole, and slivered almonds.

Plus a blue moon for “dessert”.

On our way home we stopped by Whole Foods to get a bottle of wine.  I’m giving up alcohol for Lent, so I need to get two months fill tonight!

Very tasty.  Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to to much of a headache tomorrow (although it might be worth it…).  Have a great night folks!


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