Healthy Tex-Mex!

For dinner I whipped up another dish from my Ellie Krieger cookbook “So Easy”.

Chicken-Mushroom Quesadillas!  SO GOOD!  See her recipe here:  It was basically just sauteed mushrooms and onion with spices, chicken, and cheddar cheese.  I topped with salsa and plain greek yogurt.  I love mexican food and this was really satisfying and delicious without being fattening!

After church I treated myself to some Stonyfield Nonfat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with a little bit of chocolate syrup and some frozen raspberries.

Calories In: 1,801 cal. Calories Burned: 502 cal.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself for listening to what my body needed today.  Yes I took in a few more calories than usual, but I also burned a lot more.  I ate a lot, but I never felt too full.

Ok, it’s already past my bedtime!  I need to get a better night’s sleep tonight!  All my love!


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