Field Trip Friday!

This morning, although I woke up exhausted yet again, I managed to find time to have a sit-down breakfast.  Since I didn’t have to shove it into a travel mug, I decided to give Ellie Krieger’s Vanilla Spiced Oatmeal another try.  Obviously I couldn’t really give it a fair shot after letting it congeal for an hour, right?

Not true.  Actually, the taste was pretty good.  It’s just the consistency that’s off.  Her recipe asks you to cook the oats and water together, which just isn’t ok in my book.  Also, she says to just dump 1/4 cup of milk of the  top of your prepared bowl, which was weird.  It didn’t absorb right.  I needed to microwave it and then mix it up (which is what I did before taking the above picture).  Banana oats still will.

For my afternoon snack I ate 1/2 a green bell pepper and a serving of Spinach and Artichoke Hummus that I got on a whim when I was at Giant.

It was pretty good.  I don’t buy hummus a lot as it’s so easy and cheap to make my own, but this was a nice change.

You may have noticed that I work some pretty crazy hours.  7:30-5:00 on top of an hour long commute isn’t fun.  The perk of this is that I get every other Friday off!  The Fridays I do have to work I kind of a drag though, so my coworkers and I have instituted “Field Trip Friday” where we choose a fun restaurant to have lunch at!  Normally we try to switch it up, but today we went with an old stand by, California Tortilla!  I had the Southwestern Chicken Salad with no tortilla strips and light cheese.  I forgot to specify the dressing, and they gave me some kind of ranch.  It was alright.  I normally don’t need dressing for Mexican salads, but this was lacking on salsa so I dipped my fork in the dressing before I skewered my greens.  It was delcious, satisfying, and very filling!

Around 3 I ate my afternoon snack, an unpictured golden delicious apple and one ounce of almonds.

Ok, I’m off to get my car an oil change (WAY overdue) and to buy some GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!


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