“Annie” anyone?  Sorry, theatre nerd at heart.  Tonight, Pete and I went to see the Oscar Nominated Live Action Short Films at the E Street Cinema by Metro Center.  Before we left, I had a little snacky of the rest of my apple from this morning with a little bit of peanut butter and cinnamon.

Before the film we went to Bistro D’Oc (http://www.bistrodoc.com/) for dinner.  We figured a reservation wouldn’t be necessary since we were going rather early, but we were wrong.  The place was full, but we were told we could sit at the wine bar upstairs.  There was only one server working the entire upstairs and he was noticeably stressed out.  He handed us a menu of small plates, which we assumed were all they served at the bar.  I ordered the Toulouse Sausage with Pomme Frites and Bernaise Sauce and the Roasted Eggplant with Garlic and Olive Oil.

Funny how even with all my years of French I forgot that pomme frites were french fries.  I haven’t had french fries in forever!  I won’t lie… I ate them all.  And loved every one.  The eggplant was pretty good, too.  Pete got the Fried Rice with Crab, which was also tasty.

Of course, after we ordered we discovered that they do serve items from the dinner menu at the wine bar, but our server just hadn’t let us know or given us that menu.  I wish I had asked, but I just assumed he would have given us that information.  I had looked at the menu online before we went and already knew what I wanted and it would have been healthier.  I was really excited when we first got to Bistro D’Oc.  I loved the decor.  It’s very kitschy with orange walls and blue details (which surprisingly, isn’t at all tacky).  It seemed very cozy.  They were just very understaffed, and our server ruined the atmosphere.  They should have had someone else with him, but if that wasn’t possible, he should have just chilled out!  He was running around and throwing things.  It was really uncomfortable.  Honestly, it wouldn’t have been a big deal to wait a little longer!  We were only there for about 40 minutes.  We barely had to wait for our food at all.  I would have preferred to have to wait and for him to calm down and take his time a little more.  Plus, then maybe he would have given me the right menu!  Actually, they didn’t even have enough menus to go around when we came in, which seems like a problem that should have been easily solved.  The food was good, but it could have been better.  Had they just prepared a little better (and being that they are an established restaurant in the heart of DC, I doubt that this is the first time they’ve experienced a busy Saturday night), we would have enjoyed the experience much more.  I doubt we’ll go back.

Our night at the movies was a lot of fun, though!  E Street Cinema is such a cool theater.  They show all of the main stream movies, as well as several independent films.  Their food is much more unique than most movie theaters.  How many theaters do you know of that serve wasabi peas and vegan cookies?  They also serve beer and wine, but Lent obviously kept me from indulging.  I got a coffee, unpictured.  It’s the same coffee we have at home right now (Peet’s House Blend).  I put in two creams and honey, since they only had white sugar and equal.  Honey’s not too bad in coffee!  The films were very good.  I think the Swiss “Instead of Abaracadabra” is my favorite, but the Indian “Kavi” will probably win the Oscar.  Just my predictions!

Ok, more Olympics.  I ❤ curling.


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