I <3 Acorn Squash

When I got home from Trader Joe’s I was starving, so I made a snack of 1 oz of brie cheese and reduced fat Triscuits.

Then I made us dinner.  Into tonight’s meal I incorporated four different things from the Farmer’s Market!  The star was Baked Acorn Squash with Pear and Apple, recipe from The Joy of Cooking.  Every aspiring cook should have this cookbook.  No matter what you want to cook, the recipe is there.

Cut an acorn squash in half and clean out the seeds.  Roast face down in a greased pan with 1/4 inch of hot water at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.  While roasting, mix together one peeled and diced apple and half a peeled and diced pear with two tbsp raisins and zest of half an orange, a dash of cinnamon, and a dash of ground nutmeg.  Sautee the apple mixture in a tablespoon of butter.  Add a splash of orange juice and cook for about ten minutes and remove from heat.  When the squash is done, remove the water, turn over the squash and fill with the mixture.  Continue cooking for 15 minutes and you’re done!  Delicious!

I served the squash with a small piece of steak (grilled on the foreman because I didn’t feel like cleaning the grill pan) and a salad with homemade basil vinaigrette (1/4 cup balsamic, a little mustard, 1/2 cup chopped basil, one clove garlic, and S&P mixed in the food processor, streaming 3/4 cup olive oil in).

Then the other half of the orange for dessert (along with a tagalong, unpictured).

Fitday is down right now, so I can’t record my exact calorie count for the day.  Before I ate the orange it was around 1,500 cal, not enough considering I burned 632 on my run today.  I tend to not eat enough calories on Sundays in general.  I’m awake for less time so I don’t eat as many meals and I do my long runs on Sunday.  I need to be more careful about it.  Eating too few calories is just as bad as eating too many (maybe worse).  It messes up your metabolism and your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs.  I need to be more careful about this in the future.

Almost 10.  Still haven’t packed a lunch yet.  One day I’ll get to bed on time.

Edited to add:  I just ate another Girl Scout cookie.  I really need to stop watching Ice Dancing and go to bed.


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