Sunday Funday

I love Sunday mornings.  I know it may not seem like it from reading my blog, since I constantly complain about my work hours and being late every day, but I actually am a morning person.  However, I don’t necessarily like to get to work early.  I like mornings to be “me time”.  I love the peacefulness of mornings to myself.  My boyfriend is definitely not a morning person.  He could sleep all day!  I love spending time with Pete, but mornings are my time to just be alone with my thoughts.  I read or watch Food Network and dream up fun recipes I want to make.  I always make myself a delicious breakfast to relax with.

Today I decided to go with an egg and veggie scramble with some Ezekial toast.  I love how easy it is to work vegetables into my mornings when I make eggs.  Today I had enough to equal a side salad!  Check it out…

In one teaspoon of olive oil I sauteed a small clove of minced garlic, three sliced baby bellas, lots of chopped onion, and a huge handful of spinach.  After the spinach was wilted and everything looked nice and cooked, I added an egg and two egg whites which I had whisked with a splash of milk and some cracked black pepper and sea salt.

When everything was plated I added two tablespoons of salsa on the top.

The key to really moist eggs is to cook them slowly over low heat.  Set your stove to medium-low to low and just push your mixture to the center of your skillet from the sides all around as it cooks.  It feels like you’re indulging, but it’s so healthy and full of protein!

I need to get ready for church.  Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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