Busy Bee

I had a little more time to get ready this morning since I was going straight to a work-related lecture at 8:30 instead of the office at 7:30, but I also had to look nicer for this than I do on a normal day.  I made a repeat of yesterday’s apple cheddar quesadilla, plus a banana for extra staying power since I didn’t want to have to eat during the lecture.

This was a little more difficult to make than yesterday’s since it fell apart when I tried to flip it.  Of course that meant adding extra cheese for “glue”!  Still yummy!

I didn’t pack a lunch today since I wouldn’t have access to a fridge for a while, so I went to a cafeteria at one of the building’s near mine and got this GIANT salad!

If I remember correctly, this baby contained romaine, spring mix, mushrooms, bell peppers, chickpeas, feta, corn, carrots, raisins, and oil and vinegar!  SO good and filling!

Work got really busy this afternoon and my hunger snuck up on me around 3:30.  I was really distracted and didn’t take a pick until I was halfway through!  I just had this little nubbin of my orange left!

Plus almonds and an empty cup of coffee.

I’m off to the pool to get a swim in!  It’s been a while since I’ve swam.  Let’s hope it goes well!


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