Will Spin for Cupcakes

Unlike Yesterday, work was super boring today.  At least I got a lot of bill paying done.  Around 9:20 I broke into my morning snack.

That’s half a granny smith apple, sliced up with one tablespoon of almond butter for dippage.

I had an awesome workout this afternoon!  One of my co-workers (hey, Patrick!) came with me and we started with core work, consisting of:

  • Crunches x 15
  • Weighted Crunches 12 x 12 lbs
  • Reverse Crunches x 15
  • V-Ups on the Bench x 15
  • Side Crunches x 15
  • Across the Body Crunches x 15
  • Plank x 1 min.

Then we went to a 45 minute spin class, which was fun today!  This instructor always cracks me up.  She has a very heavy accent, and pronounces the word “push” as “poosh”.  So, as we’re chugging up a hill you can hear her yelling, “poosh, poosh, poosh!” to the beat of the music.  She’s great.  Her music was a lot of fun again, today.  It was a great mix of 80s and 90s pop plus some salsa and reggae thrown in.  Love it!

I walked out of the gym to find CURBSIDE CUPCAKES!  Check them out here: http://curbsidecupcakes.com/.  You know, New York likes to take the credit, but the whole “reinvention of the cupcake” trend totally started in DC.  Cupcakes are DC’s dessert of choice!  Off the top of my head, I can name Cake Love, Georgetown Cupcake, Red Velvet, Baked and Wired… and that’s just what I’ve been to semi-recently.  Georgetown Cupcake is even getting it’s own reality show on TLC soon.  So, BOO-YAH NYC!  We got you on the cupcakes, AND we like gay people even more than you do!  We own that shiz!

Look at this prize…

The cookies and cream cupcake was worth every bite.  Of course, I ate my lunch first!  Today I packed a sandwhich with smoked turkey breast, brie cheese, Trader Joe’s Cranberry Apple Butter, and some mixed salad greens.  Plus some baby carrots on the side.

My lunch held me over for a long time!  When I did get hungry again around 4:30, I ate the snack I had packed for yesterday, a sliced bell pepper and spinach and artichole hummus.

I’m not really feeling this hummus anymore, but I hate wasting food, so I’ve been eating it anyways.  I like the hummus I make myself a lot more.  I may end up throwing it out.  There’s not too much left anyways.

After work I went with some coworkers to McCormick and Schmick’s in Crystal City.  The drink specials there aren’t great, but their food specials are awesome!  They have $3 burgers and $2 appetizers.  I ate a cheeseburger with fries (plus both mine and my friend’s pickles!) and split some bruschetta with a friend.

Plus lots of club soda with lime!  This dinner was so good and I’m very full now!  I doubt I’ll eat anymore tonight, but if I do I’ll fill you in tomorrow morning!  Now it’s Real Housewives of Orange County!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed Alexis leaves (am I right or am I right?!).


2 responses to “Will Spin for Cupcakes

  1. I love to hate Alexis! Her husband is such a neanderthal! He’s ridiculous. She’s ridiculous, too, but I think he takes the cake… I am also really excited about the finale. (Sad, but true.)

    I loved your comment about DC liking cupcakes AND gays more than NYC. 🙂 Hahaha. My boyfriend is actually going to DC for the weekend! He’ll have to look for some vegan cupcakes!


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