This Is What I Got For You…

This is the Tagalong I ate before we went to dinner.  I was pretty poor with the picture taking tonight.

We went to Idylwood Grill, which for you Northern Virginia-ers, is hidden behind the Whole Foods on Rt 7 by Tyson’s Corner.  It was really great!  It was very intimate, and we were with Pete’s friends, and I felt awkward about taking pictures.  At Greg and Kristin’s before dinner I ate my fill of cheese and crackers.  Then, at the restaurant, I had two pieces of some amazing, spongey restaurant bread!  For my entree I got the Grilled Salmon with Gnocchi Pesto, which was delicious!  The salmon was superb.  The pasta was tossed with pesto and artichoke hearts.  I loved it!  For dessert I had tiramisu all to myself.  The food was wonderful and our service was impeccable.  I would definitely go back.

Since I’ve only been writing this blog for a couple weeks now, I still feel awkward photographing my food in certain situations.  I’d love to hear from some veterans out there on how to get over my nervousness!


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