Love the Run You’re With 5K Recap

I woke up around 6:45 this morning to get ready for the race.  I devoured my routine pre-5K breakfast.

One piece of Ezekial toast with preserves (Trader Joe’s Reduced Sugar Organic Apricot Preserves, to be exact), a banana, and coffee.  I try to eat this about two hours before the race.  It’s the perfect amount of carbohydrates but light enough to not weigh me down during the short race.  I also try to drink two cups of water, but not more, with breakfast (so I don’t have to pee during the race!).

The race went well.  It was really cold out, but luckily we got to hang out in Champp’s while we waited instead of having to be outside.  Unfortunately, the bathroom line was really long and I only had a couple minutes to jog to warm up before we were being called to the starting line.

I felt alright during most of the race.  This is the second race I’ve run through Pentagon City, and it’s a pretty drab area.  The majority of it is through isolated roads.  There was no one around to cheer us on, so I had to rely on myself and the people around me for motivation.  Luckily, I had a great playlist:

  1. “B.O.B” by Outkast
  2. “Love Today” by Mika
  3. “Crazy Possessive” by Kaci Battaglia
  4. “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.
  5. “Grace Kelly” by Mika
  6. “Bad Romance” by lady Gaga
  7. “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha
  8. “Face Drop” by Sean Kingston

I finished with “Tik Tok” playing and it was great!

I think the most annoying thing during the race was having to dodge so many people.  There were a ton of runners today, many of whom I’m assuming are new runners, since they didn’t think to stick towards the back of the group.  I know I’m not particularly fast, so I line up towards the middle/back of the group.  I felt like I lost a lot of ton finding ways to dash around people slower than me who decided to stand towards the front.  Not good running etiquette, my friends.

Unfortunately I forgot to turn on my Garmin until about half a mile in, so I don’t have exact stats.  I think if was a little over 26 minutes.  Not my best, but not my worst.  I was approaching this as a training run, since my main goal is my half marathon in May.  Plus, the course was pretty hilly.  I’m not disappointed.  I’ll post my official time tonight once the results are up.

Edited to Add: Pacer’s has just posted the official race times.  I finished in 26:29, placing 341 out of 1,314 people, with an average pace of 8:32/m.

Pete and I in Champp's after the race!

After the race I ate one of my dried cherry and walnut bars that I made yesterday.  It was a much better post-race meal than the pretzels and chips Pacer’s provided!

After we were all cleaned up, we went to Whitlow’s ( in Clarendon to meet friends for brunch, where I proceeded to eat myself silly.  Whitlow’s brunch is amazing.  Here’s my FIRST plate…

Black eyed peas salad, fruit, scrambled eggs, crab legs, bacon, and sausage.  It was delicious, but I had more sampling to do…

Maccaroni and cheese, a stuffed pepper, and a chicken wing.  And in case you couldn’t tell already, I’m serious about brunch…

Chocolate coconut cake.  I may not have ran my fastest race today, but this could have been an eating PR.  Loved every minute of it.

After brunch we saw “Shutter Island”, which was very good.  Martin Scorcese is an incredible director.  It’s was no “The Departed” (but what is?) but it was still a great film.  I particularly loved the way he played with sound to play off the old Alfred Hitchcock films.  It made the ending that much more unpredictable.  Leonardo Dicaprio did an excellent job.  It’s crazy to remember him as the hottie from “Titanic”!  He’s come so far!

Still not hungry.  Yes, I was THAT impressive today!


One response to “Love the Run You’re With 5K Recap

  1. CONGRATS ON A GREAT RUN!! i love brunch.

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