March Challenge

Once I finally got hungry again tonight, I had a big snack of some Greek yogurt, pumpkin granola, and half a sliced banana.

Pete had to go into work after the movie, so I was on my own for dinner.  I had leftover New Tuna Noodle Casserole.

This wasn’t nearly as good the second time around.  I only ate about half of this.  There are still two servings of this leftover, but I might just end up throwing it out.  I won’t be making this again unless it’s for a group.

I also had some Tagalongs for dessert!

Since tomorrow is a new month, I’ve decided to turn over a somewhat “new leaf” on the sweets.  For the next thirty days, I’m challenging myself to only let myself have three desserts a week.  I’ve been feeling really great since I’ve given up alcohol, but I’ve been a little too indulgent with sweets lately.  I’ve gotten into a habit of needing something sweet every day.  While I don’t think this is necessarily bad if the dessert is small, I think this will help me finally cut through my lingering winter weight gain!  Plus, having food “habits” is never a good path to go down!  I like having control over what I put in my body.  It takes 28 days to start a better, new productive habit, so hopefully this new habit will be for good!

I am exhausted!  New week, new month, here I come!


3 responses to “March Challenge

  1. Good luck with your challenge, you can do it! I have had to completely give up sugar for about six weeks now (including fruit) for health related reasons and I feel so much better. I never thought I could go without sugar but it is actually much easier than I ever thought possible!

  2. Have you ever tried getting sugar free chocolates? I sometimes get an afternoon chocolate craving and I eat one of those and I’m sooo satisfied. Either that or I chug a glass of water and ask myself “are you realllllly hungry?” Good luck with your challenge, just think, pretty soon its bathing suit season!

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