In Need of Wellness

There’s been an icky bug going around my office as of late.  That, coupled with this dreery damp weather we’re having today, has turned me into a raging hypochondriac.  I’m trying really hard to stay healthy.  Nothing throws a wrench in your fitness goals like illness!  Every time I sniffle I start to freak out a bit.  Anyone have any tips on avoiding germs?  I know to wash my hands regularly, get enough sleep, and eat well, but does anyone have any magical (and preferably natural/holistic) remedies for me to try?  I’d be eternally greatful!

This morning was more rushed than yesterday.  Before I launched out the door I had a Walnut and Dried Cherry Bar along with half a cup of 2% Greek yogurt and half a sliced banana.

Once I got to work I barely had enough time to check my email and drink my coffee before I was ushered into a three hour long organization-wide meeting.  Trust me, it was brutal.  I ate an unpictured Organic Part-Skim Mozzarella Stick around 10:30 (even though we weren’t allowed to eat in the auditorium… BOO YAH!).  When the meeting finally ended around noon I ate my leftovers from last night for lunch, plus some extra brown rice.

Which, of course, didn’t hold me over like I would have liked.  I ate my snack around 2:15.

Sliced fuji with almond butter.  This apple tasted amazing today.  This is why everyone should switch to local, seasonal produce.  The taste is noticeably better.  So much crisper and more flavorful.  Go to your local Farmer’s Market now!

Unfortunately, 2:15 is way too early for me to eat my snack since I don’t get home until 6 most days.  I’m starving now, and we’re going swimming once Pete gets home.  I’m gonna fuel up and head out.  See you all with a workout recap later tonight!


One response to “In Need of Wellness

  1. good natural tip to avoid getting the sicky!!: vitamin C and echinacea (3 times daily).

    also, as SOON as you start feeling sick (tickle in your throat, nose starting to stuff up), take a Zycam dissolving tablet every few hours or so. although Zycam is obviously not natural, it works wonders!

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