Calories Increased and Feeling GREAT!

In an effort to consume more calories during the day, I had a slightly larger breakfast this morning of a Walnut and Dried Cherry Bar and scrambled eggs (two egg whites and one whole egg) with Belizean habanero sauce.

Definitely filled me up for most of the morning.  Around 10 I had my pre-workout snack of a banana (ignore how brown it is-it was delicious) and a part-skim mozzarella cheese stick.

I had to workout kind of early today at 11:00 since I had a 1:00 pm meeting. After a quick warm-up on the elliptical, I started with strength:

  • Leg Press 8 x “20/10″s x 85 lbs
  • Free Motion Chest Press 8 x “20/10″s x 20 lbs
  • Burpies into Shoulder Press 10 x 10 lbs
  • Free Motion Lat Pulldown 8 x “20/10″s x 40 lbs
  • Burpies into Shoulder Press 10 x 10 lbs

Then I moved on to my 35 minute tempo run!  I did a 12 minute warm-up at 5.5 mph.  Once I hit 12 minutes I bumped it up to 6.0 mph, then increased the speed by .1 mph each passing minute until I hit 6.9 mph.  After a minute at 6.9 mph I decreased the speed by .1 mph until I hit 29 minutes.  For the last six minutes I jogged slowly and walked to cool down.  Surprisingly, the most difficult part of this workout is when I slowly decrease the speed after I hit my top pace.  My legs are fatigued and want to go slower, but they only get a tiny bit of relief.  I can definitely see why these workouts are good for endurance athletes!

I ate my lunch really quickly before my meeting.

I had a sandwich on Ezekial bread with 2 oz sliced smoked turkey breast, mixed greens, brie cheese, and Trader Joe’s cranberry apple butter.  I packed baby carrots, too, but took them into the meeting with me!

My afternoon snack was definitely the highlight of my day!  I had one sliced Asian pear with peanut butter dip!  To make the peanut butter dip, I just mixed together 1/4 cup Greek yogurt with 2 tsp peanut butter!  It was so good!

Forgive my rushed post.  We’re about to meet some friends for dinner!  Be back tonight!


One response to “Calories Increased and Feeling GREAT!

  1. what the hell are burpies?! HAHAHA

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