Treat Night

Since I started the March Challenge on Monday, I hadn’t had sweets once!  So, I decided that since it’s Wednesday, I needed a reward for getting halfway through the week!  I dug into a Samoa!

To be more specific about the challenge:

  1. I’m only allowed to have dessert three times a week.
  2. Each dessert has to stick to one portion size.
  3. If I have a large dessert at a restaurant, I either need to split it with someone else or save half for another night.
  4. If I overindulge and have more than one serving, I’ll only allow myself one other dessert that week instead of two.

Since one serving of Girl Scout cookies is two cookies, I had one before dinner and one after.

For dinner, we met our friends Kate and Clint at Front Page for half price burger night.  I ordered a turkey burger with bleu cheese and sauteed mushrooms and onions.

This was pretty good, but I should have just gone with the beef instead.  Also, they went a little heavy on the bleu cheese.  I ate all of these delicious french fries and both Pete’s and my pickles.  I ❤ pickles!

Good things I did today: filed my taxes (and I just got word my return was accepted!  score!), had an intense workout, and had a good time catching up with friends over dinner.

Good things I’ll do tomorrow: SWIM, watch The Real Housewives of Orange County season finale… that’s all I got.  But I’m sure it’ll be a good day!  The week’s almost over, so something’s going right!


3 responses to “Treat Night

  1. You March Challenge is pretty intense! I don’t know if I could give up desert…usually when I try to give something up, I end up thinking about it every hour of the day! Good Luck with it! I look forward to following your progress 🙂

  2. Great job on the challenge! I have such a hard time with sweets – LOVE them. Major sweet tooth.

  3. where is Front Page? never heard of it before, but that burger looks like it could be best friends with my tummy.

    also, any excuse to eat a samoa is reasonable in my book.

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