Oldies but Goodies

Today’s eats were an arrary of tried and true combinations.  Breakfast was a repeat of Monday’s, with a Walnut and Dried Cherry Bar and two scrambled egg whites (with a little water, sea salt, black papper, and paprika) and topped with salsa.

I DO hope I wake up in time to make oatmeal tomorrow!  I do I do I do-ooooo!

My morning snack was a golden delicious apple with string cheese.  I like golden delicious apples, but they taste better cooked or in oatmeal.  I prefer my crisp and crunchy fujis!

I didn’t workout at lunch today because we’re swimming tonight.  So, I ate in Quizno’s (with my packed lunch) with coworkers.

This salad consisted of mixed greens, 1/2 an orange bell pepper, baby carrots, mushrooms, celery, parmesan cheese, and a hard boiled egg.

My afternoon snack was a repeat of yesterday’s deliciousness!  One sliced Asian pear with creamy peanut butter dip (peanut butter mixed with plain Greek yogurt).

Alright, off to the pool!


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