Dinner at Madhatter

For dinner tonight, we continued the Alice in Wonderland theme by going to dinner at Madhatter in Midtown!

This place is all decked out in Wonderland art.  It was so much fun!  If you’re from DC, you may have been to Madhatter’s old location.  They’ve recently moved to Connecticut Ave, and with the move they’ve taken the Alice and Wonderland theme one step further.  Each meal starts with a small cup of tea poured out of a kettle.

So cute!  The menu has also changed to slightly classier gastropub fare.  We started with deep fried pork belly.

Tossed in sweet chili and ponzu.  These little balls are crispy and delicate on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside.  They really melt in your mouth.  The sweet sauce they’re topped with is a really nice complement!

For my entree, I had the slow braised short ribs.

Served above a bed of mashed potatoes and topped with a gorgonzola mushroom sauce.  I was in heaven!  The meat on this dish is so tender it just falls apart when you put your fork on it.

And for dessert…

In case you can’t tell, I decided that my banana soft serve did not count as dessert so I let myself share these dessert waffles with Pete tonight.  I just couldn’t resist.  It was a really fun combo.  I haven’t had mint chocolate chip ice cream in forever and forgot how amazing it is.  My only complaint is that the server only gave us spoons to eat this with, which made it kind of difficult.

We had such a great time at dinner!  This was definitely my kind of place for a cheat night!  If you’re in Midtown, check it out!

Ok, seven miles before church tomorrow.  To bed!

P.S. I finally watched the Real Housewives Season Finale!  Raquelle’s “where is she now” schpeel was hilarious!  “Raquelle is still over it, still unemployed, but is working on her art…” I’m over it, too, girl.  Be classy.


One response to “Dinner at Madhatter

  1. omg. that restaurant looks like SO much fun! def going there soon. mint chocolate chip ice cream + waffles = done.

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