Busboys and Poets, Where Have You Been All My Life?!

New foodie find!

Wasabi Peas!  I made the impulsive decision to buy these while waiting in line at Trader Joe’s today, and I’m so glad I did!  I’ve been snacking on them all day (like right now…) and I just can’t stop!  They are sweet and spicy and glorious!

Tonight I met my loves DJ and Myles to see “Sweeney Todd” at the Signature Theatre, where I interned a couple summers ago.  Signature is located in Shirlington Village in Arlington and is surrounded by amazing restaurants.  Tonight, we dined at Busboys and Poets, one of the few in the area I haven’t been to before.

Let me tell you what, guys, I was totally missing it!  This restaurant is wonderful!  How did I work across the street from it for an entire summer and never eat there?!  The menu is right up my alley, with organic, healthy choices and a ton of vegan and vegetarian dishes, too!  The walls were covered in art and the music was fabulous.  I was in heaven.  I ordered the mediterranean burger with “seasonal fruit”.

Ground beef and goat cheese in a whole wheat pita.  Glorious!  They definitely stretched the definition of seasonal fruit on this one… still worth it!

“Sweeney Todd” was done incredibly well.  I was particularly impressed by the technical elements.  The sound design was impeccable.  I shouldn’t have expected any less.  Signature does Sondheim like no other.  I definitely recommend it.

Back to the Oscar’s.  Boo on “Food, Inc.” not winning Best Documentary.


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