Lazy Bones

Please excuse my lack of posting last night!  I went to this classy establishment, with Pete and a bunch of his male friends, none of which know about the blog.  Needless to say, it was pretty crowded (especially with the Capitals game next door), so taking a picture would have been awkward.  Pete and I split 20 wings, half hot and half spicy garlic.  The waitress forgot the blue cheese and the celery, so it was a very animal protein-packed meal (well.. along with fat, butter, and hot sauce… but those are just trivialities!).  It was a fun time!

This morning started with a bowl of Banana Nut Bread Oats!

So delicious!

Lunch was what I’ve been having every other day this week… Wheat Berry Salad with Lemon Cumin Grilled Chicken over spinach, plus an unpictured Farmer’s Market Fuji.

I got out of class super early today, so I’ve just been lounging around the apartment until Pete gets home and we go swimming.  I just had some yummy almond butter dip (almond butter mixed with Greek yogurt) and a sliced Asian pear.

With a side of Kara Goucher.

Ok, back to being lazy.  It feels damn good.


One response to “Lazy Bones

  1. omg i just got a huge craving for hooters. next dinner date?? 😉

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