Dinner at J. Paul’s

I just got back from a really lovely dinner in Georgetown and am full and content!  But more on that later… I need to share my mall findings with you!

I’m actually a very picky shopper.  I live a few miles from Tyson’s Corner, which is the most fabulous mall I’ve ever been to, and I can still spend hours there without finding any clothes I like.  However, going to Barnes N’ Noble is a different story.  Look at what I found today!

I am so excited about this cookbook!  If you read Runner’s World magazine, you’ve probably noted the “Athlete’s Palate” column in the nutrition section, which compiles recipes from various well-known chefs geared towards a runner’s strict diet.  This book features many of the recipes from the magazine, along with several other promising looking dishes.  A variety of recipes for every meal are available, labelled for either training, recovery, or “quick and easy”.  I can’t wait to give some of them a try!

I also have no problem spending a fortune at Lucy.

I came in searching for just a top, and left with these cute capris as well.  I really like this outfit, though!  Hopefully it will wick away some of tomorrow’s rainfall.  Plus, it’s green and festive for St. Patrick’s Day!

On the car ride home I ate my last Walnut and Dried Cherry Bar (I have to make more soon!  They’re so good!).

Later on this afternoon I also had some Greek yogurt with Ancient Grains cereal and dried cherries.

And then we left for dinner!  Pete’s cousin Dan is the manager at J. Paul’s in Georgetown.  Dan was working tonight so we met some of Pete’s siblings and other cousins for dinner.

J. Paul’s is the epitome of everything I love about Georgetown.  While the drinks are flowing and everyone’s having a great time, the atmosphere is still intimate and ideal for great conversation.  The decor is ornate (with the original elevator doors from the Waldorf Astoria still intact), yet not pretentious.  Plus, like every other old building in Georgetown, the place has history.  Rumor has it that Al Capone drank at the old bar that still stands today.

When we were seated, instead of bread we had baskets of pretzels.

I really wish I could start every meal with a warm, soft, ball park pretzel.  Amazing.  J. Paul’s is the only raw bar in Georgetown and is known for their oysters and crab cakes.  Our table got an order of the Oysters “Rockefeller” and the Moules Frittes.  I sampled one of each.

Bacon wrapped fried oysters served on the half shell with a rich parmesan spinach cream.

I think I can die happy now.  Maybe I’ll become a “bacon-tarian”.  I could probably eat only bacon for the rest of my life and stay happy always.

For my entree, I had the Grilled Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos.

Atop a flour tortilla, avocado, pineapple pico de gallo, spicy cabbage slaw, feta cheese, black beans and cucumber salad.

These were pretty tasty.  The feta cheese was unique and added a really rich flavor to the dish.  My only complaint was that they were too stuffed to hold in my hand and eat like tacos.  I ended up eating them fork and knife, salad-style.  Still delicious.

Dan also brought Pete’s brother Mike “oyster shooters”, which consist of a plate of raw oysters, horse radish cocktail sauce, and an airplane bottle of absolute, plus a big shot glass on the side.  Fill the glass with one raw oyster, a little cocktail sauce, and top it absolute.  Stir.

And then pound it.

I think they were a hit…

Dan was kind enough to bring two desserts for the table, the brownie sundae (with crumbled Oreo cookies on top) and the apple cobbler.

Both were delicious, but I think I’m partial to the apple cobbler, which was half a granny smith apple, wrapped in puff pastry and baked with cinnamon carmel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  Fantastic.

I had such a wonderful evening tonight.  Thanks so much to Dan for showing us such a great time.  We’ll definitely be back soon!  I need to try the crab cakes next!

Dan with Pete's brother Mike.

I’d better hit the hay.  Wish me luck and send me warm thoughts as I run through tomorrow’s monsoon!


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