Family-Style Chinese Dinner

Before we went to meet Pete’s family for dinner, I had a little snack of cheese and a kiwi.

Cheese and fruit may be the perfect afternoon snack.  The fruit provides fiber and energy-sustaining complex carbohydrates, and the cheese has protein and fat to keep you full!  I think this definitely kept me from over-eating at dinner tonight!

We met at a little hole-in-the-wall chinese restaurant in Arlington (Gourmet something….).  We started with egg rolls and dumplings.

We each chose a dish to share.  Mine was the curry chicken… I don’t really remember what else there is.  Pete got lamb something… something “treasure”… chow fun?… yeah I got nothing.  I sampled a bit of everything with a little rice.

Of course, I had a fortune cookie.

And they had orange slices for the table after dinner!

I also had a Chocolate, Fig, and Almond Bite for dessert.

Ok, heading to bed.  5:30 am is coming way too soon tomorrow.


2 responses to “Family-Style Chinese Dinner

  1. For a long time I thought everything you ate had some sort or chocolate or balsamic drizzle underneath it… until I realized that is just what your plates look like.

  2. I love Chinese restaurants mainly for the fortune cookies! 🙂

    Looks like a great dinner!

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