Before heading to the pool, I had a pre-workout snack of Greek yogurt with Flax Plus Ancient Grain cereal and dried cranberries.

Then I got to the pool!  Today’s swim was a bit of a challenge because I shared a lane with someone much faster than me, plus a kids’ swim class was in the lane next to mine.  At one point Pete was using our lane, too, so it was pretty crowded and the water was really choppy!  I guess I’ll have to get used to it if I want to do triathlons one day!  I tried only resting for 30 seconds in between each set this time.  A couple times my rests were longer while I talked to Pete, etc, but overall I was swimming, not resting, through the vast majority of my workout.

  • 4 x 50 m
  • 4 x 100 m
  • 1 x 200 m
  • 2 x 300 m
  • 1 x 200 m

For a total of 1,600 m, or ONE MILE! That was a pretty super milestone to reach.  I finished in just under 50 minutes.

When I got home, I heated up leftovers from last night’s Penne Arrabbiata.

While watching Biggest Loser.  I promise I don’t always eat in front of the television.

To bed (maybe on time for a change!).  Love to you all!


2 responses to “I SWAM A MILE!

  1. I know you are not supposed to, but I love eating in front of the TV 😉

    Swimming a mile is really impressive! Have you been swimming long? I would love to do a tri this summer but I haven’t joined a gym with a pool yet…plus open water swims are a little scary.

  2. Yay! Congrats on the swim! That’s awesome.

    Arrabbiata is my FAVORITE! Love spicy marinara sauces!

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