Solid Workouts

Man, it’s been a long day!  When I woke up this morning I was still feeling full from last night’s dinner at Jackson 20, but I knew I needed to eat before my run, so I had a fig bran muffin.

Then I set out for today’s 4 mile pace run!  It was a gorgeous day and there were a ton of runners and cyclists out!  I had a really strong run today and I’m very proud of it.  Stats:

  • Distance: 4.00 mi
  • Elapsed Time: 35:34
  • Avg Pace: 8:54/mi
  • Calories: 403

Yep, that’s faster than last week’s 4 mile RACE!  Granted, I didn’t have a murderous hill waiting for me at the end of this baby.  I probably should have taken it a bit slower, since the point of this run was to get used to maintaining my goal pace of 9:10/mi.  Better faster than slower, though, right?

I wanted to do a bit of strength training afterwards, but I needed to refuel first!

Chocolate milk, recovery drink of champions.  Then I did today’s strength workout!

I got Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown DVD from Netflix this week and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  I did Level 1, which was difficult, but not as hard as most of Jillian’s DVDs, minus the chatarunga repetitions.  Those killed me and I had to do them on my knees.  Like all of her DVDs, the workout was a series of circuits, but all repetitions of yoga movements (think camel or side planks over and over) followed by holding that movement for 15 seconds.  She also had a few sun salutations thrown in there.  I may try Level 2 next time.

For lunch I had leftovers from Jackson 20.

Still amazing!

This afternoon we drove into the city for a free golf clinic.  We were both pretty excited since we really wanted to learn how to play.  Sadly, it wasn’t what we were expecting and we didn’t even get to hit any balls.  Plus, it took forever to get back home (all the health care protestors really slowed things down…) so we were kind of bitter about losing a chunk of our day.  When we got home I made a tropical variation of Mark Bittman’s Breakfast Couscous.  At 3:30 pm, but still…

This version has a chopped kiwi, dried coconut, agave nectar, almonds, and flax seed.  Yum!

We went to my cousin’s engagement party today, and I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures.  I was too busy with family and you know, it wasn’t my day and didn’t really want to dry attention to myself.  I grazed on meat balls, cheddar biscuits, pita and hummus, and veggies.  When I actually made myself a plate I had bean salad, fruit salad, and vegetable salad.  Plus a piece of cake!

It’s been a really long day spent in the sun, and I think I’m gonna watch a movie and head to bed.  See you all tomorrow!


One response to “Solid Workouts

  1. Has anyone tried Bowflex work out equipment? I want to lose weight and gain some muscles. Give me your feedback please. What about TotalGym? Any people using it now and like it?

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