That’s what my cashew butter was reminiscent of this morning.  Seriously, guys, you have to make this.  I am in heaven.  I spread a little over a tablespoon onto a fig bran muffin and devoured it with a good helping of strawberries.

Such a great start to the day.  Mid-morning I had some Italian breadsticks and a ‘naner.

I should definitely work more protein/fats into my morning snacks.  I was starving by the time lunch rolled around.  I didn’t work out today at lunch because I’m SO FREAKIN’ SORE from my kettlebell class yesterday, and I was planning on going swimming later tonight.  I was having some issues with my lunch today.  My serving of pasta salad didn’t defrost quite as well as yesterday’s did.  I spent a good bit of time holding it under the faucet in the kitchen at work, trying to get the chunks of ice to melt.  It basically turned out ok, but in my franticness I didn’t take a picture.

For my afternoon snack, I made a homemade trail mix…

That’s half a serving of Ancient Grains cereal, 1/2 oz of cashews, 1 tbsp of raisins, 2 dried figs, and 1 tbsp of chocolate chips.  Yum!

Originally, I was planning on swimming tonight, but after giving it more thought, I’ve decided against it.  I am so sore right now, and I have been all wekk.  I think my body is saying it needs a break.  I’m running the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K in Richmond this weekend, and have high expectations of busting through my 10K PR.  I don’t want to jeopardize that.  The pool will still be there next week!


One response to “Cashew FROSTING?!

  1. Good luck on your race!! I definitely think listening to your body is the right thing to do. Everyone needs rest sometimes.

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