Kitchen Sink Meal

In an effort to use up the random food about to spoil in our fridge, I made us a rather hodge-podge of a meal tonight.

I took a random chicken breast, butterflied it, and rubbed each half with olive oil, fine sea salt, ground black pepper, and poultry seasoning, and then grilled it on the George Foreman.  I almost never use the Foreman because I think it leaves meat kind of dry, but this wasn’t completely defrosted so it worked in a pinch.  I gave Pete leftover brown rice and I had that huge pile of whole wheat couscous.

This salad was just the rest of a head of red leaf lettuce and chopped radishes.  For convenience sake, I made a dressing in the bottom of the bowl of honey, fine sea salt, ground black pepper, lemon zest/juice, and olive oil, then added the veggies and tossed.  It was good!  I wish I had a few more veggies for this though.  That dressing combination would have worked really well over over spinach and strawberries… with maybe some added poppy seeds… hmm…

My final plate.

We watched Gangs of New York tonight, which, for lack of a more suitable term, was totally epic.  I was completely enthralled.  Martin Scorcese, you are brilliant.

Frozen Samoas as my movie snack.  Did you know the Sweetflow Mobile has been advertising chopped Girl Scout cookies as an oatmeal topping?  What an idea…

Big day ahead of me tomorrow.  I’m heading to Richmond to stay with my parents and run the 10k.  I haven’t packed yet!  Hopefully my body will be much less sore when I wake up tomorrow.  I foam rolled the hell out of my back and legs tonight.  Worth every painful squeal!  Gnite, loves…


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