Old Town Adventures

It may be only 9:00 pm, but I am exhausted!  Today was fun, but long.  After the race today I had lunch at my parent’s house.

A pepperjack cheese appetizer.

A turkey, hummus, and gouda sandwich on bread thins with grapes.

And then I hit the road to come back to DC.  After I made the two hour drive, we almost immediately went to Old Town, Alexandria to meet friends for a bar crawl.  We started at O’Connell’s, then moved to the Warehouse, then to Bayou Room, and finally King Street Blues.  I had a good time, but since I didn’t eat or drink anything at any of them, I don’t really have an opinion, except that Warehouse is not suitable for a bar crawl and Bayou Room is super sketchy/I would probably love it if I was drinking.  We didn’t plan to stay as long as we did.  We ended up having dinner at Mai Thai.  I started with the vegetable dumplings.

These were good enough.  I got the shrimp asparagus for dinner.

This was good, but nothing special.  I think the appeal of this place is it’s location overlooking the water.  Otherwise, I could have done without.  Pete really liked his seafood dish, though.

Instead of having dessert at Mai Thai, we drove the extra mile to Buzz Bakery, which was definitely worth the trip.  I had heard they had a special Cherry Blossom themed cupcake, but I think it’s not available until next month.  The current seasonal cupcake is the March Madness, which has bacon… and even I’m not adventurous enough for that.  I went with the buzz cupcake instead.

This had devil’s food cake, espresso buttercream, and Oreo cookie crumbs.  It was a great way to end the evening!

I am beat, and will hopefully wake up early tomorrow to do the speed-work I missed during the week.  In the mean time… I send you love and best dishes, from my kitchen to yours (yers…).

Whoever knows that reference gets a gold star and my undying affection.


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